About Us


Over the past few years, we have undertook a large number of students that have learned many practical skills. And, as of this year, we have over 30 members! They are divided up into four teams: mechanical, programming, strategy, and public relations. Each team is managed by a team leader, and the robotics team is led by a captain and a vice captain. 

We have competed in the 2014, 2015, and 2016 regional competitions. In 2014 we placed 15th out of 58 teams, which was a huge achievement for a rookie team, and we were also chosen as an alternate team for an alliance. In 2015, at the regional competition we ended up 17th out of 54 teams. However, we were the first choice of the fifth seeded alliance and ended up going as far as quarter finals. Then, at the 2015 state competition, we were chosen by the seventh seeded alliance. That is where we ended in fifth place, which was almost in the semi-finals! In 2016, we were able to add 5 new teams to the district: 2 teams at Plaza Middle School, 2 at Renner Elementary School, and 1 team at Congress Middle School.

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