The Park Hill Trobots are very grateful to our sponsors, mentors, volunteers and the greater Park Hill community for helping us continue our winning tradition. In 2020 we plan on posting information, photos and our general excitement about our 2020 robot. We hope that by enhancing our communication it will show how we are using the valued donations and resources.

January 2020

Sat Jan 4, – Game Reveal Day!
We hosted a kick off event at Park Hill High School to view the new 2020 game, read though the rules, discuss strategy and start designing the robot. Thank you Mentors, Parents and Volunteers for the pancakes and pizza!

Sun Jan 5, – Strategy Day!
Continuing discussions on what features and elements will be important.

Build Week 1
Drivetrain work, starting CAM design and 3D printing.

Putting in a long Sunday after a KC snowstorm and pre KC Chiefs playoff game! Intake prototyping and shooter. Drivetrain ready for programming.

Build Week 2

Started up a build day with a guest speaker, some brainstorming on our reveal video, strategy discussions and testing the drive motors. The team was treated to some great grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner.

Busy working day today. Climber prototype, and a lot of electrical work.