Robot Track Day

Robot Track Day

Saturday, Fall 2017

By: Park Hill Robotics – FRC team 5013 @Park Hill High School


Drive My Bot

Try out a bunch of bots all in one day. Bring your bot(s) and show off. Drive both stock and unique drive trains from area teams. Let your rookies get a taste of the variety they will build and compete against this coming season. Mecanum, field centric, and (hopefully), swerve and H drive. Take turns driving each other’s bots on our practice field.

Robot Drag Racing

Run your bot down our fully instrumented 25’ head to head track. Find out who has the fastest bot and get the data to show why. Gear ratio? Fresh battery? Motor choice? Find out what matters and why. Get a data printout with acceleration curve after each run and an emailed spreadsheet for further analysis and teaching.

FRC Sumo Bot

Two bots enter, one bot leaves… by being pushed into the wall of the ring. Styled after Sumo wrestling, find out who has the pushiest bot in town. Many FRC games include pushing as a defensive or offensive tactic but most of us get little experience with what really counts. Matches will be played in a 20’ circle.

Robot Rally Track

A series of cones and Stronghold obstacles will be arranged on our practice field in a track configuration. Time yourself and post your results on our “Leader Board” in this informal competition.

Less formal than a full on FRC competition event. More
formal than a regular open field day. This is a chance to see and be seen,
teach and learn. Ask and see the why of FRC robot design. Robots should be FRC
legal with bumpers.

The public will be invited in at noon. Invite your
friends, family, sponsors and underclassmen.

There is a $75 registration fee per competing robot in Robot Drag Racing and FRC Sumo Bot. Practice and rookie robots do not require a fee.

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